Earthquake Insurance

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Earthquake Insurance

Are You Prepared?

If you live close to a fault line a devastating earthquake is a real possibility. If you think you are protected with just your typical home owners insurance policy you could find yourself homeless after an earthquake with your mortgage payments still in place. At Hatch Insurance Group we understand the risks of an earthquake and how to properly insure your home and property.

Earthquake Insurance is Relatively Inexpensive

Starting at around $15 per month per $100,000 of coverage, earthquake insurance is relatively inexpensive compared to the cost of replacing your home and everything in it. At HIG we can assist is creative ways to make paying for earthquake insurance. Earthquake insurance payments can be added to your house payment/escrow. The cost of replacing your household possessions could financially devastate most home owners on top of the cost of replacing their home in the event of an earthquake. Protect your most valuable asset by having an earthquake policy in place.

Learn more about earthquake insurance in Utah by watching our video below:

You need Earthquake Insurance if You are A:

  • Home owner
  • Renter
  • Business owner
  • Commercial Property Owner

How Prepared are You for an Earthquake

In the event of an earthquake ask yourself the following questions to determine if you are prepared. Most people think their homeowners policy will include earthquake insurance but it does not. Others believe federal disaster relief money will get them back on their feet but most don’t realize disaster relief money comes in the form of loans that must be repaid. Below are a few questions to ask yourself about being prepared for an earthquake.

  • Do you have earthquake insurance?
  • Do you have flood insurance?
  • How much equity could you lose in the event of an earthquake?
  • Do you have a home-based business that you could lose due to an earthquake?
  • Are you aware of the closest fault line to your home?

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