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Do I need Earthquake Insurance Coverage In Utah?

Earthquake Insurance in Utah

Scientists say the Wasatch Front faces a 1 in 7 chance of being struck with a magnitude 7.0 earthquake. That is the size of the tremor that devastated Haiti. They predict this will happen within the next 50 years. While earthquakes are impossible to predict we do know that they will cause major damage to assets. In Utah there are a couple of ways to purchase earthquake insurance. You can endorse your current homeowners policy or buy a standalone policy. These standalone policies are called Difference in Conditions (DIC) policies. DIC policies typically cover more than endorsing your homeowners policies. DIC policies typically cover earthquake, flood and landslide. Most typical homeowners policies do NOT cover earthquakes. If an earthquake damages your home you are still required to pay your mortgage. Very few people purchase earthquake insurance. Some of the reasons why are cost and uncertainty; the same reason people don't purchase disability or life insurance. Models predict that 38% of all buildings across the Wasatch Front would suffer damage.

Here are some of the benefits to having Earthquake Insurance In Utah:

  • Inexpensive ¬≠and starts at only $14 per month per $100,000 of coverage
  • Protects the equity in your house
  • May save you from going into bankruptcy if a loss occurs
  • Standalone policies available
  • Protects your personal property
  • Can easily be added to your homeowners policy

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